Anna P. Sokolina

Anna P. Sokolina, Milka Bliznakov Scholar, International Archive of Women in Architecture IAWA Board Honorary Advisor, Society of Architectural Historians SAH-SHERA Liaison and SHERA Board Member, is an architecture/art historian, author, educator, and curator. Her academic interests are focused on transformative, utopian and marginal trends in art and architecture that ignite cross-disciplinary discourse.

Sokolina, a New York University SPS and Moscow Institute of Architecture MARHI graduate, holds a Ph.D. in Architecture and Landmarks Preservation from central academic branch NIITAG of Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences. She interned at the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, the Guggenheim Museum New York, and the Public Design Commission of the City of New York. She contributed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Education Department, and the Morgan Library; worked as architect at CNIITIA Moscow, and as Research Associate at VNIITAG, and the Cultural Heritage Database Project in NYC; Curator of Exhibitions at the Tabakman Art Museum; and a tenure-track faculty at Miami University Department of Architecture + Interior Design where she also served on the Council on Diversity, REEE Curriculum Committee, Havighurst Advisory Committee, and coordinated Cage Gallery.

Sokolina published over ninety research papers, essays, abstracts and reviews and initiated and edited the monographic anthology Architecture and Anthroposophy, two editions, lectured and curated architecture/art exhibitions in the United States and Europe. Currently she is conducting a research project “Life to Architecture: Milka Bliznakov Academic Papers and Records of Russian Women Architects at the IAWA,” and her dissertation-into-book project Architecture Code of the Utopia.