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Introduction. Anna Sokolina


  1. The Architectural Concept of the Goetheanum. Rudolf Steiner
  2. Rudolf Steiner and the Anthroposophy. Frans Carlgren
  3. Rudolf Steiner's Architectural Impulse in Modern History. Ake Fant
  4. On the Architecture of Expressionism. Wolfgang Pehnt
  5. On the Way to a New Style. Hagen Biesantz
  6. The First and the Second Goetheanum. Hagen Biesantz
  7. Plans, Sections, Facades. Rex Raab
  8. Buildings around the Goetheanum. Rex Raab, Arne Klingborg, Ake Fant
  9. Rudolf Steiner's Wooden Sculpture and Its Architectural Environment. Ake Fant, Arne Klingborg, A. John Wilkes
  10. Goetheanum Windows. Georg Hartmann
  11. Aesthetics of Rudolf Steiner. Hagen Biesantz
  12. Goethe's Metamorphosis Theory and Rudolf Steiner's Architectural Impulse. Christian Hitsch
  13. Bauhaus Ideals and the Goetheanum. John C. Ermel
  14. The Development of Rudolf Steiner's Architectural Impulse. Nicolaus Ruff, Rex Raab


  1. With All the Senses. Erik Asmussen
  2. Spiritual Functionalism in the Architecture of Eric Asmussen. Gary Coates, Susanne Siepl-Coates
  3. Architecture and Anthroposophy. Jens Peters
  4. Space for Living In. Christopher Day
  5. How the Organic Architecture is Created. Rudolf S.H. Mees
  6. Ecological Architecture. Ioachim Eble
  7. Water in Connection with Architectural Planning. A. John Wilkes
  8. Ecological Concept: Potsdamer Platz. Eckart Hahn
  9. The Desire to Play. Espen Tharaldsen
  10. Organic Design. Karl-Dieter Bodack
  11. To Live and Work. Alexander Boehm
  12. Organic Architecture. Isabelle Val De Flor
  13. An Art for the People. Stuart Murray
  14. Organic Architecture in Hungary. Peter Gaboriany
  15. Bio-Solar Architecture in Aalen. Andreas Engelhardt

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Summary. Anna Sokolina


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