The monographic anthology Architecture and Anthroposophy bridges the gap between the traditional architectural history and the anthroposophical narratives. Our mission is for the first time to integrate anthroposophical ideas on architecture with mainstream arthistorical ideas; and to illuminate the influence of the organic-spiritual impulse on architecture of the twentieth century. It is a highly original integrative work and a unique experience of international collaboration. All chapters are contributed by distinguished European and American scholars and architects, and translated from English, French and German into Russian by renowned professionals. Book design: 268 pages, 8"x 12" hard cover format, dust jacket, 348 illustrations (189 in color). Editor Anna Sokolina.

The monograph is available at libraries listed in the Libraries section of this website. All included collections offer on-line catalogue references to the volume. Information can be obtained for instance from the Virginia Tech University Libraries on-line catalog. The book is registered at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. It is listed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art The biweekly from July 19, 2002, p.7; in SHERA Bulletin, vol. 7, N 1, 2002; in CAA News, vol. 28, N 1, 2003, p.17; in the SAH Newsletter, vol. XLVII, N 1, 2003, p.9, in The Art Bulletin vol. LXXXV, N 4, 2003, p.818, and in An editorial book review was published in the Swiss newsletter Das Goetheanum, N 5, 2002, p.8. The book review 'The Architecture of the Future?' written by Prof. V. L. Khait, the late vice-president of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences appeared in the architectural magazine Academia, N 3, 2002, p.8-11, and his review 'Architecture and Anthroposophy' was published in Arkhitekturny Vestnik, N 3, 2003, p.73. In 2004, the Book Review by Prof. William Craft Brumfield was published in ARTMargins, the academic art magazine based at University of California, Santa Barbara.

...You should be proud of your accomplishment. The art history and art library world are grateful for your important contribution to scholarship...
- Janice H. Chadbourne
Curator of Fine Arts, Boston Public Library

...I would like to recommend strongly the acquisition of the following book: *Arkhitektura i Antroposofiia* [Architecture and Anthroposophy], ed. Anna Sokolina. It is the leading work on the subject. Though in Russian, it has English summations and is a book no self-respecting architecture library can be without...
- Prof. Anatole Senkevitch
Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

...There is nothing quite like it available in English (yet!). Selectors at the libraries … will instantly recognize that circumstance as a factor enhancing its desirability...
- Alfred Willis
Assistant Director, Harvey Library
Hampton University, VA

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