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SokolinDesign was founded in 2001 by Alexey Sokolin, who continues to be the lead designer on web and print projects. Alexey has worked extensively with corporate clients, start-ups across industries, non-profits, colleges and many others. This website serves as both an online portfolio and an explorative medium for his artistic and professional work.

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What about Alexey?

I am attentive, passionate, and stubborn. I trade sleep for perfection. I see creativity not as a cultivated set of skills, but as an intimate process of inspiration and incubation. I think like an artist and approach my clients' needs with that mind-set. Over time, I have learned to harness this spontaneity and energy, and focus it to produce highly differentiated and superior work.

I understand the importance of designing within bounds and striving towards a given goal, a company identity for example. Personal art may be playful, but professional work must follow specific guidelines and lead to practical results. However, it is incredibly important to do this in a unique, rather than technical, manner.


This site is more than a demonstration of professional services. It is also a learning opportunity, a way to document my thoughts in progress.

This website is a kind of roadmap, a online gallery. There is a fixed structure, but within it there are rooms of rotating collections. I also provide insights into artistic work beyond the regular thumbnail portfolio. The creative process and associated experimentation interest me as much as the result itself. How does someone find new approaches to represent tired ideas? How does a flimsy pencil sketch turn into a graphically complex project?

Pointless art is also crucial. If it has no official purpose, the author is able to take steps in exploratory directions, reconsidering clarity in terms of visual impact. The experimental section houses quite a few interesting ideas that exploit the web medium towards a fuller potential.


In 2008, SokolinDESIGN launched a blog exploring art inspired by urban life. This daily publication extends the creative process concept across disciplines, and invites collaborators, commentators and critics to join in its vision.

Urban Aesthete is available here.


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