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Any type of web project revolves around a specific goal. Whether you want to establish a corporate identity, showcase your photography in a portfolio, or advertise a play, the creative process starts off-paper.

Consider the following questions as guides. Do you wish to be a strong competitor in a field, or is it more important to stand out on your own? What is the purpose of your website? Is it to mobilize, to educate, or to advertise? Brainstorm about adjectives that you would like your site to exude.

The next step is researching the competition — paying attention to layout, font selection, and color schemes. With some grounding, I can proceed to experiment with paper thumbnails and a sitemap. In consultation with the client, two or three sketches are chosen and brought into Photoshop to be further refined.

When a certain design is agreed upon, I can begin to put together a finalized site. The structure of the website is fixed and information is put into the appropriate sections. The creative phase is over, and it is time to provide the content behind the presentation.


SokolinDesign provides a range of services:

  •  Website Creation and Redesign
  •  Logos and Banners
  •  Stationery and Business Cards
  •  Promotional Brochures and Posters

For a quote, email us with your project description.


I see graphic design as a digital reflection of the client. It is your identity. My skill set revolves around sculpting that personality in an intriguing manner. I am a visual thinker, fluent in Adobe software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Pagemaker), Macromedia software (Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks), Corel Draw, and Quark XPress. Additionally, I am proficient in Final Cut Pro.

I can hand-code HTML/CSS, but I find Dreamweaver to be a great time-saving tool. For more technically complex projects (PHP, etc), I can collaborate with more skilled programmers. The web design process can be divided into artistic and technical parts, and it is imperative for me to deliver strongly in both aspects.

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