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 traditional media: collage beginnings

My original training is in media on paper. The way I handle color and line stems from my pencil and watercolor sketches. Similarly, my understanding of space and dimension is rooted in the collage technique.

The digital medium offers a parallel experience; it is a collage of shapes and layers. The works in this section provide a useful insight into how I think when creating art, both graphite and new media.

My influences are everywhere. Everything seen and absorbed can be transformed into a visual idea. There are so many ingredients for inspiration: car design catalogues, architectural sketches, the texture of cat fur, sounds of shattering bottles, the gold stock in the Federal Reserve of NY, melting snow. Fueled by the tangible world, I am at the same time a devoted admirer of abstract art and precise composition.

A confession: my focus recently has been away from traditional media, towards digital arts, video and photography. Nonetheless, this art shows exactly how I think about all my other work.


Sanctuary - Surrealism and cubism bloom in this watercolor, pencil and ink collage.

Bridges - A play on line.

Hold - This collage should be called "Ode to Braque"; a robust static composition.

Indicator - Samples of my illustration work done for a political magazine, hand-drawn and digitally colored in Photoshop.

Stasis - Another composition that finds its balance, this time in ink.

Habitat - A detailed look at a primarily paint-based work. This is a pretty old work, but does a fine job of portraying intimacy.

Hunter Remembers - This was created as a response to the WTC attack. It ended up as mural at my school, the painting of which I coordinated that October.

Escape - Another light pencil. Check out the sidebar to see how this sketch linked into my photography work.


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